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UVA’s ‘Jackie’ Has To Testify In Rolling Stone Lawsuit

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Up until now, the definition of “chutzpah” has been “A man who kills his parents, then throws himself at the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan.” But now we have a new definition.

Tom Kludt, CNN Money:

A Virginia judge has ruled that the woman at the center of Rolling Stone’s discredited story about an alleged frat house gang rape must testify as part of a lawsuit against the magazine.

The woman identified only as “Jackie” will be deposed on Thursday by attorneys representing Rolling Stone and Nicole Eramo, the University of Virginia administrator who is suing the magazine and the author of the now-retracted article, Sabrina Rubin Erdely…

Attorneys for Jackie had resisted the deposition, arguing that she would be re-victimized if forced to recount the incident under oath and it could bring her “extreme psychological” and “irreparable harm.”

You can only be “re-victimized” if you were ever victimized in the first place. Jackie’s story completely fell apart, and yet now she’s trying to hide behind it. None of this would be happening if she hadn’t made up a bizarre story about a gang rape that never happened. If anybody should be put on the stand, it’s her. Her lies have affected a lot of people.

But hey, she’s got chutzpah.

And we haven’t even gotten to the lawsuit from Phi Kappa Psi yet. The truth will get out.