Watch Joy Behar Fawn Over Hillary Before Asking Why People Don’t Like Her [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Joy Behar could hardly contain her praise for Hillary Clinton before asking the former First Lady why people don’t like her.

Appearing on ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday, Behar first sought affirmation to call former secretary of state “Hillary,” and once she received it, the host said, “Well, [I’ve known] you a long time now. One time I was doing a gig somewhere and you were running for the Senate and you came on ahead of me and you said to them, ‘I’m the opening act for Joy Behar.’ Which I thought was so cute. But I know you, and I find you so warm and lovely and authentic.”

Behar later asked Clinton, “There are people out there who have this idea that you’re not trustworthy, that they don’t like you for some reason. What is that about, in your opinion?”

Clinton replied, “You know Joy, obviously, I’ve thought a lot about it because obviously I don’t like to hear it so I need to figure out what’s behind it. And you know, I think some of it is that you know I am perhaps a more serious person, a more reserved person than is kind of in the public arena these days, and so I think there’s a bit of a disconnect between the kind of way I conduct myself, the way I was raised frankly, to conduct myself, and kind of what goes on in the world today.”

“So I think people then say, ‘Well, she’s serious, she’s reserved, can I really like her?'” she said.

Behar then asked what “inauthentic” means and Clinton replied, “I don’t understand that. I don’t understand that because I’ve been pretty much the same person my entire life, for better or worse.”

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