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“We live in an era where experience doesn’t mean anything … well it’s been pounded hasn’t it? By Republicans. …Hillary has been unwilling at times to stay stuff she cannot deliver.” On younger women not being so hot for Hillary, she said, “When you’re young you want to change the world. …I don’t think it’s a gender thing, it’s a young thing.”

Daily Beast founder Tina Brown on CNN Wednesday morning.



CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and her weight

On Tuesday afternoon she revealed that she fluctuates between a 6 and an 8. The admission came during an interview about comedian Amy Schumer’s anger about being featured as “plus-sized” by Glamour Magazine.

Jim VandeHei blasts the media on his way out of Politico 

As VandeHei departs from his President and CEO position at Politico, he had harsh words for the media at the The Information‘s New York Subscriber Summit Tuesday. He scolded media organizations for falling into “crap trap” journalism and as The Information put it, “aimed at amassing big audiences at the expense of substantive coverage.” To read more you’ll have to pay $39 for a month or $399 for a year.

Sam Nunberg baits the Trump campaign 

“It’s Wednesday. How many delegates has the Trump campaign lost today?” — Sam Nunberg, ex-Trump aide.

CNN’s Ana Navarro wants the beef

“I like beef picadillo. But getting guilted into turkey picadillo by health-conscious friends.” — CNN analyst Ana Navarro, a friend of failed presidential hopefuls Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. A follower asked, “Done with dieting eh?” She replied, “Depends on the day.” Another follower wanted to know why Ana was absent from CNN’s panels Tuesday night. “Girl, why aren’t u on CNN tonight?” She replied, “Spent tonight raising $$ for Prostate Cancer. Practically every man I love – including my daddy – has had it or at risk of it. Hate cancer.”

Katie Pavlich verbally smacks Piers Morgan (and he smacks back) 

Townhall’s Pavlich got upset after Morgan called the Michelle Fields altercation with Corey Lewandowksi “utterly tame” and “utterly pointless.” He also told FNC’s Greta Van Susteren that the battery claim “one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen.” 

PAVLICH: “@piersmorgan you are the last person who should be an authoritative voice on the authenticity of something on video, not to mention photos.”

MORGAN: “Katie, what exactly would you know about possession of an ‘authoritative voice’?”

The Observer

“One thing that’s become clear in this campaign is that Sanders is really bad at bullshitting.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Deep Thoughts With The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson

“I’ve been falling asleep *within* my dreams recently. does it mean
a) must sleep more
b) sleep less
c) arianna incepting me for her new book”

Dave Weigel is sick of sick people 

“IMHO the worst thing about an April cold snap is not the cold; it’s the people who packed up winter clothes newly coughing and sneezing.” — WaPo‘s Dave Weigel.

Jennifer Aniston can’t stand baths 

“I’m actually not one of those girls that loves a bath. I tend to get a little antsy in a bath for some reason. But a shower always helps.” — Aniston in an interview with HuffPost‘s Arianna Huffington about her insomnia.