You Won’t Believe Why Social Justice Warriors Are Calling This Gap Ad Campaign Racist [PHOTOS]

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GapKids has apologized profusely and vowed to change an advertisement for its Ellen DeGeneres-branded kids clothing line after a small but vocal group of critics stormed social media to condemn an image showing a tall white girl resting her arm atop a shorter black girl’s head.

The murmuring vocal social justice warriors also complained that the black girl is a “token” because she is the only black person among the four people in the ad, reports the Daily Mail.

The social media backlash then came fast and furiously. For example:

Arm resting on Black girls head…. INAPPROPRIATE

Posted by Fatima La'Juan Muse on Saturday, April 2, 2016

GapKids rolled out the loathsome, ultra-controversial image on Saturday on Twitter. “Meet the kids who are proving girls can do anything,” read the picture caption.

[dcquiz] “We all have the power to empower one another” is another motto for the “GapKids X ED” branding campaign, which features DeGeneres and a bunch of adolescent girls.

Fatima La’Juan Muse, the author of the Facebook post above, also charged that Gap Inc. must have too many white employees, according to the Mail, because “most people of color would have immediately recognized the error.”

“Thanks for perfectly illustrating what ‘passive racism’ looks like in mainstream media,” tweeted Twitter user Jasmine Wow, whose Twitter description announces #AllBlackLivesMatter.

Matthew A. Cherry, a journeyman NFL receiver-turned-filmmaker — with a tremendous Twitter feed — reminded the angry social justice warriors that he had produced a previous GapKids advertising campaign with a similar kid-using-kid-as-armrest image:

Here is the “pic on the left” to which Cherry refers:

Cherry image

GapKids spokeswoman Debbie Felix apologized for the offending image released this weekend and promised that it would be replaced.

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