Krauthammer: Cruz ‘Can’t’ Defend His New York Values Comment, Will Suffer At The Polls

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Charles Krauthammer says that Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] will struggle to get support in New York because he “can’t” defend his past criticism of “New York values.”

As a panelist on Fox News’s “Special Report” with Bret Baier on Thursday, Krauthammer said that because Rudy Giuliani is voting for Trump in the primary, “that’s going to help to soften the image for Trump.” (RELATED: Rudy Giuliani Announces He’s Voting For Donald Trump)

“You get the feeling that [Giuliani is] sort of sincere in this and he’s relatively unreserved. Look, he is a folk hero in New York, was at a time a folk hero in the country,” Krauthammer said. (WATCH: Trump Stuns Cruz Into Silence During ‘New York Values’ Fight)

Turning to Cruz, Krauthammer said that the Texas senator is “really extremely defensive. He doesn’t even have a chance to talk about his issues in New York. He’s got to defend the ‘New York values’ stuff which was an enormous mistake. It didn’t really help him in Iowa, he could’ve done it without that phrase and now how does he defend it? He can’t.”

Since Cruz is only defending himself regarding his “New York values” comment, “his numbers are going to stay very low here.”

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