RNC Rules Member: Expect ‘Tweaks’ To Rules At Upcoming Florida Meeting

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Rules changes to the Republican National Convention could happen as soon as two weeks from now.

The Republican National Committee is gathering in Hollywood, Florida, for its spring meeting later this month. This quarterly gathering includes a, Contest Committee meeting, Debates Committee meeting, and Standing Committee meeting on the rules.

This is the last time RNC members will gather before the party’s convention in Cleveland later in July.  Ross Little Jr., a Republican National Committeeman from Louisiana and Convention Rules Committee member, told Fox News Channel’s Gretchen Carlson Thursday that “small tweaks” to the convention rules could happen at the meeting.

Little explained what happens first is the Republican National Committee Standing Committee on Rules, which has been tweaking the rules for the past three years on issues that have very little to do with “what we have been thinking about and they will in turn get those to the convention committee.”

“And then the convention committee which I’m going to be on and the woman from Louisiana and then recommend those rules to the national convention and the national convention delegates will adopt the rules–usually on the first day of the convention,” Little said.

Could the controversial 2012 convention Rule 40B, which mandates a nominee have a majority of delegates from 8 states be changed?

“It could be. The rules for this convention in 2016 will be basically the same as the rules for 2012 with very minimal changes,” Little said.

He added, “And as we get closer to the convention—you know we’re going to have a meeting of the RNC in 2 weeks and they’ll be little small tweaks there, which will not significantly change a thing but the closer we get the bigger deal every change will be.”

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