Move Over, Jared! Subway May Now Put Hillary In Jail

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton broke the rules of the New York City Metro Transit Authority when she campaigned in a subway car on Thursday and could be charged with a crime.

According to Section 1050.6(c)1 of the MTA Rules of Conduct, campaigning is permitted provided it does not “impede transit activities.” However, Clinton apparently violated that rule when she entered the subway car for her brief journey. (RELATED: Clinton Attempts To Relate With Us Normal People By Riding The Subway [VIDEO])

As The Guardian notes, Clinton could face criminal charges where the “court may impose a fine not to exceed $25 or a term of imprisonment for not longer than ten days” – or civil fines, which can reach to $100.

While Clinton could face legal trouble in the end for her ride, it didn’t get get off to a smooth start either. The former secretary of state a few times to get the metro card to work to actually pay for the trip at the turnstile.

In an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer which aired on Friday, Clinton claimed it was a “fantasy” to see her in handcuffs. (RELATED: Hillary: Seeing Me In Handcuffs Is A ‘Fantasy’ [VIDEO])

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