Trump Camp Hits Snag In GOP Delegate Hunt In Washington State


Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The Donald Trump campaign may have a few more bumps in the road Friday in its hunt for delegates.

Tim Miller, former Jeb Bush communication director, tweeted out an email showing the Trump camp in Washington state sent a delegate recruitment e-mail to its DC email list two days past the deadline.

Additionally, KUOW reports a survey of the counties and legislative districts that already held early contests — which will ultimately choose the state’s delegates to the national convention — shows that Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] is overwhelmingly favored in the state party.

“It takes work to win delegates,” Randy Pepple, a Republican strategist and a supporter of Governor John Katich, told KUOW. “It takes work to get people to show up for two or three hours on a Saturday or on a Tuesday night to participate in the delegate selection process.”

However, Trump supporters say they believe they are being ripped off by the political process.

“I don’t like what just happened,” said Trump supporter Eric Cowley to KUOW. Cowley did not win one of the delegate slots and explained, “It’s not fair, they should have a representative to be able to go to Cleveland out of my district that stands for Donald Trump. This is an organized thing by Ted Cruz, in my opinion, to steal the nomination and the Republican Party.”

The state GOP will host its primary on May 24, but campaigns must start wooing potential delegates early on who may be available to cast their ballots for another candidate other than the candidate who won the primary.

Trump and Cruz are competing for the majority of the Evergreen state’s 44 delegates. Washington is a proportional state, which requires candidates to get at least 20 percent of the vote in order to receive a delegate allocation.

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