Obama Acknowledges He’s Bad For The Environment

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Barack Obama took a break from flying across the country to acknowledge one of his shortcomings as a person when he said, “I don’t have a green thumb.”

After flying from Washington, D.C. via Chicago on his way to California for Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraisers, Obama took a walk with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace at the University of Chicago when the president commented about his impact on the environment.

While showing Wallace the office where he wrote his book “Dreams from My Father,” Obama said, “I don’t think I had a plant. Partly because I don’t have a green thumb and I was sure, unlike Michelle with her garden…”

In 2015, when Obama flew to Alaska to warn about global warming aboard Air Force One, at least 354, 585 pounds of carbon dioxide — or about 161 metric tonnes — of the greenhouse gas were emitted. (RELATED: Obama Will Jetset To The Arctic To Warn About Global Warming)

At the end of November 2015, when Obama flew to France to fight ISIS and global warming after the Paris terrorist attacks, that flight burned the equivalent of 368,331 pounds of coal — or 797 barrels of oil — according to the EPA’s carbon footprint calculator.  (RELATED: Obama’s Trip To The UN ‘Global Warming’ Summit Emits More CO2 Than Driving 72 Cars For A Year)

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