Former White House Staffer Spills The Beans On The ‘Paranoid’ Clintons

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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A former White House staffer said he wouldn’t want to work for Hillary Clinton if she becomes president.

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Skip Allen was an usher in the White House for 25 years before he retired in 2004, and during an interview with Vanity Fair about the 2016 presidential race, Allen recalled when Bill Clinton was president and Hillary was first lady. (RELATED: George Clooney Just Slammed Donald Trump Without Even Mentioning His Name)

“The Clintons can’t make up their minds about what they really want,” Allen said. “You never knew what they were going to ask for or when they were going to ask for it.”

Hillary Clinton in the White House

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Allen remembers one time in particular when Hillary called him and asked him to stop serving a particular chicken dish. Within a month, Allen said, she called him and asked why it wasn’t on the menu. (RELATED: Caitlyn Jenner Embraces Hillary Clinton Days After Heavily Criticizing Her)

“We are really missing that chicken dish,” she reportedly said. “Why isn’t it on the menu anymore?”

Hillary Clinton in the White House

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Allen said the Clintons “were paranoid and had the phone system changed because they didn’t like having an operator connect them,” Vanity Fair reports.

“They weren’t comfortable with the staff and I don’t think a second chance at the White House would make them any less insecure,” Allen said. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s Unrealistic To Completely Shut Down Our Borders To Everyone’)