Hillary Attacks Bernie For ‘Supporting Vigilantes’ On Border [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton blasted Bernie Sanders for “supporting vigilantes, the so-called Minutemen on the border.”

During a press gaggle in Queens, New York on Monday, Clinton attempted to draw contrast between her record on immigration and Sen. Sanders claiming “there’s really no comparison” between the two candidates.

Clinton said, “The best chance we had for comprehensive immigration reform was under Ted Kennedy’s leadership in 2007 I voted for it. Senator Sanders voted against it. He made several comments about that. He went on the Lou Dobbs show, which at the time was really beating the drum against legal immigration. I think our records are very clear.”

“I started co-sponsoring the Dream Act back in 2002 or 3 and I continued to do that. Senator Sanders, by contrast, was supporting vigilantes, the so-called Minute Men on the border,” Clinton said. “I think it’s so unfortunate that he did not join the others of us in either the House or the Senate, which is why the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other activists like Dolores Huerta have been speaking out so strongly for me and against him. I was honored to get the United Farm Workers Endorsement, because there’s really no comparison.”

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