Ready To Hop On The Warriors Bandwagon? You’ll Need This Gear

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With the Golden State Warriors’ 92-86 win over the Spurs on Sunday night, you now have fewer than three days to join so-called Dub Nation before Steph Curry and the gang become the winningest regular season team of all time.

According to CBS Sportsline, the Warriors have a 93 percent chance of beating the Memphis Grizzlies in Wednesday’s final game of the season, so they are more than just favored to best the record set by the ’96 Bulls and finish with 73 victories on the year.

In all likelihood, you have already hopped on the Warriors wagon — if not after their 2015 title campaign, then certainly after their 24-0 start to the season. If you have not, now is your last chance to have the right to say you rooted for the greatest team in NBA history before they officially gain that distinction.

Here’s how to pull that off with items available in the NBA Store:

2015 Paraphernalia

What better way to prove that you liked the Warriors before this year than to buy apparel that expressly denotes a previous year? Now, you might have to contend with accusations that you are a fair weather fan, only pulling for the Splash Brothers after they dethroned King James’ Cavs in 2015. However, it is still infinitely more defensible to start cheering for a good team after they have the summer spotlight of the NBA Finals than to begin waving the flag only after they seemed destined for NBA history.

Three 2015 hat options available in the NBA Store (Photos via

Three 2015 hat options available in the NBA Store (Photos via

As far as headgear goes, you can choose between the basketball-chic snapback, the classic baseball cap, or the dad hat, which we are told is “this season’s hottest accessory.”

Show how you rooted for the Warriors when they only had 4 rings (Photos via

Show how you rooted for the Warriors when they only had 4 rings (Photos via

For max obsolescence (aka credibility), you’ll want to grab a shirt that says “4 time champ,” with full knowledge that they are expected to add a fifth one as soon as June.


Basketball may well be the only sport where it is acceptable to own and/or wear a pro jersey. This can be debated. What can’t be debated is that Steph Curry is currently the top-selling jersey in the NBA, so obviously someone is buying them. And, well, who are we to argue with the people? Maybe you should, too!

Steph Curry has the top selling jersey in the NBA (Photo via

Steph Curry has the top selling jersey in the NBA (Photo via

Still, if you want to go a less traditional route, you can’t go wrong with Draymond Green or Klay Thompson. For $10 more, you can get your own name on the back. And if you want to pretend that you’ve been a Warriors fan since before you even knew they were an NBA team, you can go throwback with “Dream Team” member Chris Mullin.

Filipino Heritage T-Shirts


This season, the Warriors threw two “Filipino Heritage Nights.” Of course, the only way you would know this is if you have been watching/attending Warriors games. What better to prove it than with a T-shirt?

Celebrate Filipino Heritage Night (Photo via

Celebrate Filipino Heritage Night (Photo via

As far as colors go, you can even choose from black, blue and white.

Emoji Shirt

If your goal is to show that you are an OG member of Dub Nation, do not buy the Steph Curry emoji shirt.

Steph Curry Emoji shirt (Photo via

Steph Curry emoji shirt (Photo via

If you’re just in it for the ride, then go right ahead.

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