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Quote of the Day:

“Quit asking Paul Ryan if he is running for President. Ask him what he’s doing right now as Speaker.”

Amanda Carpenter, CNN Contributor and ex-aide to Sen. Ted Cruz.



Another day, another Trump rally 

“Ok, can someone help with this? Was there another Trump rally protester assault today or not?” — Josh Marshall, editor, Talking Points Memo.

It’s great that Chris Hayes can act like he’s not part of the problem

“Al Jazeera America produced a lot of amazing journalism, and tried to buck the worst incentives of cable news. Viewers said: nope!” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. And something else from Hayes: “Trump supporter who shoved protester in face says he likes Trump bc he’s ‘no bullshit. All balls. Fuck you all balls. That’s what I’m about.'”

NYT reporter suddenly understands why people in America are fat 

“Tonight I have seen Applebee’s ads about (1) a quesadilla hamburger (2) carside takeout so you don’t have to stand up. #thisiswhyyourefat.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.

Convo Between Two Journos

The journalists are Michael Wolff, a columnist for USA Today, Vanity Fair and other pubs. Ben Smith is the editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed. The story they are discussing (or not) is a BuzzFeed piece by Albert Samaha about Chicago police shootings. 

WOLFF: A reflexive Buzzfeed piece about a about a reflexive culture of cover-up.

SMITH: Read the piece first?

WOLF: That’s the convenience of a reflexive piece, you don’t have to.

Think you’re having a bad day?

“Body parts in recycling bin likely those of woman missing after planned date night.” — WaPo. Read here.


Mirror hate mail: Reader thinks I’m an ‘incredulous idiot’ 

Note to readers: This was not edited for spelling, capitalizations, grammar or sense. 

“Let me admit my bias right now, I am a supporter of TYT, with that said you are an incredulous idiot. How so? I’m glad you asked, first by assuming that no one can have a bad day because we don’t live in a war torn Country [sic]. That is just dumb. I bet you have felt like you have had a bad [sic]] before. And about the flight. Cenk a [sic] wasn’t the only one making a deal, and if you payed attention it wasnt just because he had to wait, it was how the employees were treating everyone. He wasn’t being rude to the nice employees. This article was just a pissed poor attempt to smear a good man, shame on you.” — Edgardo Diaz.

Dear Edgardo,

I don’t mind getting negative mail about my stories. But could you at least proof your note before you send it? You say I sound like an “incredulous idiot.” That makes no sense. But fine, whatever. You’re calling me an idiot. We’ll live with that. But here’s an example of your idiocy: “I bet you have felt like you have had a bad before.” — Really, a bad what? A bad sandwich? And this…. “Cenk a wasn’t the only one….” — Cenk A wasn’t the only one? Proof your shit before sending it to a reporter. You may have decent points, but you ruin them by sending me this crap. By the way, the expression is piss-poor. Not “pissed poor.” I hate to imagine where you were going with that one.

Much love, Betsy

On dating…

NYT‘s Erin McCann: “He turned out to be fucking NUTS, but dating, in general, is not awful in this city.”

The Hill‘s Taylor Lorenz: “You’ll be fine! Just don’t date anyone in media (nuts).”

Get a whiff of this…

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.38.53 AM

IN RESPONSE: “Who doesn’t love the fresh scent of the homeless in a filthy McDonald’s?” — the Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry.