Finally: A Good Pair Of Headphones That Won’t Break The Bank

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Good headphones are expensive. This is something we all know to be true. However, many remain unwilling to admit it, committed to ultimately forking over more dough for cheaper models that break again and again.

The key to getting a solid, lasting headphone set without selling the farm is to scout for deals. Today only, Amazon is offering over 50 percent off on a pair of BÖHM wireless bluetooth headphones with rave Amazon reviews. Many commenters even compare the set to something made by Bose, the industry leader in audio equipment. These headphones — which feature active noise cancellation technology — usually cost $139.95 but today are on sale for $67.95. As the description notes, they are compatible with both Apple and Android, and they have an 18-hour battery life. Check them out before it’s too late, or you are forever destined to pay hundreds of dollars for a usable headset.

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Jack Kocsis