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BTW, North Korea Still Might Nuke Us

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There are so many things I love about Korean culture. The pop music. The crazy soap operas you can watch on Hulu. The tacos. The nuclear ICBMs that could hit United States territory. The… wait, what? Scratch that last one. That last one is kinda bugging me.

Barbara Starr, CNN:

U.S. intelligence satellites have spotted signs that North Korea may be preparing for an unprecedented launch of a mobile ballistic missile which could potentially hit portions of the U.S….

Two U.S. officials told CNN that if the regime proceeds with a launch, the latest assessments are the most likely scenario is the launch of the so-called Musudan missile…

However, officials are strongly saying there are two other scenarios that are possible: North Korea could launch either its Kn-08 or Kn-14 mobile ballistic missiles which would have a longer range and could potentially hit the Pacific Northwest of the United States…

But U.S. officials also caution the regime could still decide to do nothing.

So: Maybe the Norks can nuke us, maybe they can’t. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Could be somethin’, could be nothin’. We just don’t know.


Don’t worry, South Korea. You’re still the cool Korea. We still like you, even if you did inflict Psy on us.