Flynn: Clinton Showed ‘Indifference’ With Classified Info [VIDEO]

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Retired General Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server showed “indifference” to protecting classified information.

“There’s just such incredible lack of accountability for the use of highly classified information and intelligence that’s at the highest levels of our government and we know she knew that she is a target of nation states like Russia [and] China,” Flynn said on Fox News’s “The Kelly File” on Monday. (RELATED: Obama: Hillary ‘Has Not Jeopardized America’s National Security’ With Her Private Email Server)

Flynn agreed with President Barack Obama that Clinton was careless. “But that carelessness, to me, is also an indifference and, frankly, a lack of accountability,” he said.

Kelly then asked Flynn about Obama’s comment that Clinton hasn’t “jeopardized” national security. Flynn replied, “I don’t agree with the president. Not one bit.”

Flynn went on to argue that Obama “should not have said” that Clinton “has not jeopardized America’s national security.”

Instead, Flynn insisted that Obama should have “stayed away from it because it’s under investigation.”

He added that there is “the potential” for Clinton to have “divulged highly classified information as has been described by the State Department, by the inspector general from the national intelligence community.”

According to Flynn, one of the ways Clinton could have exposed “highly classified information on an unclassified capability” was through her Blackberry. (RELATED: Obama Guarantees There’s ‘No Political Influence’ In Hillary’s FBI Investigation)

Flynn then went on to criticize Clinton for believing that she was “above” having to use an encrypted device to communicate. The retired Lieutenant General noted that he “never used a personal device because the government would issue me a classified means to communicate.”

“Why did Hillary Clinton believe that she was above that? I don’t know,” Flynn asked rhetorically. “That’s something that they’re going to find out in the investigation and that’s going to lead to some other problems for her.”


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