Hillary Claims She Only Just Learned About ‘Racism’ In The Criminal Justice System [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton claims that she only just learned about “systemic racism” in the criminal justice system after she “immersed” herself in it relatively recently.

In an editorial meeting with Newsday on Monday, Clinton criticized her husband Bill’s 1994 crime bill, suggesting it had “a very powerful and egregious impact on the criminal justice system.” (RELATED: Bill Clinton: Black Lives Matter Defends Black People Who Kill Other Black People [VIDEO])

Lane Filler, a member of the Newsday editorial board, asked Clinton, “Do you think it’s fair to say that if we look back at the 1994 crime bill, and it hadn’t had disparate effects on different populations, in other hands, if the biases of judges and police officers and juries hadn’t gotten involved, we’d be looking at that now as a perfectly fine bill, that it’s really just the disparate outcome that are the problem?”

Clinton replied, “I think that’s a very good point. I mean there were so many positive features to the crime bill, but, it did, I think, catalyze a kind of much more wrongly defined mentality about cracking down on crime, and people took it too far.”

“So that, see, it’s very clear to me having now immersed myself in this for more than a year, systemic racism has had a very powerful and egregious impact on the criminal justice system,” Clinton claimed.

“Now that was not in the crime bill. But you’re right that mandatory minimums, you know, cracking down on criminals, made it more likely that it would disproportionately affect minorities.”

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