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How Many Actual Humans Are Dumb Enough To Follow Trump On Twitter?


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Donald Trump isn’t running a presidential campaign so much as a Twitter trolling spree with a strong cable-news component. No other candidate is as closely associated with Twitter, to the point where Trump’s distinctive tweeting style has become a cliche:

  • “[Insert boast about some poll, when Trump isn’t dismissing polls that go against him]. Sad!”
  • “[Insert whining complaint about some supposed injustice]. Sad!”
  • “[Insert dimwitted insult about whoever has criticized Trump in the last 10 minutes]. Sad!”


Also sad: Trump has over 7.5 million followers, but most of them are fake. Josh Peterson, Washington Free Beacon:

Sixty-four percent of Donald Trump’s 7.51 million Twitter followers have not been in use for at least the past six months, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

Additionally, using StatusPeople.com’s Twitter analysis app, Faker, which analyzes the quality of a user’s Twitter following, the Free Beacon found that as of April 9, just over half a million (525,700, or 7 percent) of Trump’s followers were considered “fake…”

The Trump Campaign did not return the Free Beacon‘s request for comment.

This makes sense, because everything else about Trump is fake. His steaks, his hairline, his golf scores, his bank accounts, everything. All fake. All a lie. He’s a fraud. A charlatan. A flimflam man.

But at least he’s good for a laugh.

What a crybaby. Sad!