Krauthammer: Hillary Is ‘The Luckiest Woman On Earth’

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Charles Krauthammer says that a year into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, she “is the luckiest woman on Earth.”

As a panelist on Fox News’s “Special Report” on Tuesday, Krauthammer commemorated Clinton’s one year anniversary of announcing her 2016 presidential bid by suggesting that the former secretary of state is so lucky because she “has run into a GOP committing suicide and I think her chances are extremely strong as a result.”

After discussing the disarray on the Republican side, George Will, a fellow panelist, said, “Well, we went from directly [talking] about how will the Republicans ever going to be unified to that. And that’s how they’re going to be unified.”

Clinton is a “great bringer-together of Republican,” Will argued. “It’s an old saying: ‘overnight is a long time in American politics and a week is forever.’ And by the time the convention is done and the dust has settled, and we’ve gotten used to the fact that there is a precedent, lots of precedent actually for conventions being deliberative bodies as opposed to just ratifying bodies. There she’s going to be, unifying the Republicans.”

Will did concede that if Trump does get 1,237 delegates, he will be the nominee.

Krauthammer too acknowledging that if Trump gets 1237 delegates, he “should” be the nominee, the syndicated columnist turned to the Democratic side and argued that Clinton a year into her candidacy “is the luckiest woman on Earth.”

Clinton “is a very weak candidate. I said so at the beginning. I was wrong about how weak Trump would be and right about her. But she is the luckiest because in a completely losable year, where she really should lose, and she can beat Sanders,  she should lose and she has run into a GOP committing suicide and I think her chances are extremely strong as a result.” (RELATED: Trump: ‘What Do I Know?’ The Whole System Is ‘Rigged’ [VIDEO])

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