RNC Rules Member: ‘Trump-Kasich Vs. Cruz-Rubio’ Could Happen At Convention

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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GOP primary candidates may cut deals with one another to form a ticket at the convention, one Republican National Committee member claims.

Georgia Republican National Committeeman Randy Evans, a member of the RNC’s Standing Rules Committee told the Michael Graham Show Tuesday that candidates with pledged delegates could form a unity ticket and win as president and vice president nominees of the party.

“I would venture to bet that what eventually will happen is we’re gonna see two of the candidates cut a deal,” Evans told Graham. “And they’re gonna say, you get your delegates to us, you’ll be the VP, we’re gonna run as a ticket. And literally, what you could do in the oddest sort of way, is have the first ballot be two ticket ballots: Trump-Kasich versus Cruz-Rubio. Now that would be wild, because I’ve run the scenarios on that, and there is no way to predict how such a vote would turn out.”

Kasich denied insinuations he was vying for the vice presidential, slot telling CBS there was, “zero chance” he would accept an invitation to be at the bottom of anyone’s ticket.

“Look, I am running for president of the United States, and that’s it. If I’m not president, which I think I have an excellent shot to be, I will finish my term as governor and then maybe I’ll be a co-host on this show. You never know,” Kasich said.

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