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Watch This Amazingly Lifelike Hillary Clinton Robot Boot Up And Speak

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The other day, Japanese scientists unveiled a robot that can walk up and down stairs. The real Hillary Clinton can’t do that anymore, but it’s good to know that her official robot may soon have that technology!

Oh, you didn’t know Hillary had her own robot? Yep! Here it is in action. Notice that it’s shot from the shoulders up, because at this point it’s just a head and torso:

I don’t know who programmed this robot, but they captured every nuance of Hillary Clinton’s speaking style. The blank, wide-eyed stare, the frozen smile, the “patiently addressing a bunch of 3rd-graders” tone of voice… This robot can do it all! If the Clinton campaign hadn’t forgotten to edit out the first few seconds, where we see the robot booting up, I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish it from the real thing.

HillBot 2016!