Goran Dragic Gets Tooth Smashed Out Of His Mouth, Handles It Like A Boss [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic will be without a tooth for the playoffs after getting it knocked out Tuesday night against the Detroit Pistons.

Pistons guard Spencer Dinwiddie hammered Dragic in the mouth as he was playing defense on the perimeter. The Heat guard simply took his tooth and casually walked over to the sideline to throw it away from the court as he complained to the ref for not calling the clear foul. (SLIDESHOW: Prepare For The NHL Playoffs With A Hot Blonde Bombshell NHL Wife)


Pretty remarkable how flawlessly he handled have his mouth rearranged. That’s a guy with a playoff mentality.

Unfortunately it’s been a bad season for Dragic’s mouth because this is the second time he’s lost a tooth this season.

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