Jane Sanders: How The Democratic Party Nominates Their Candidate Is ‘Wrong’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders, says the Democratic Party’s system of nominating their candidate  is “wrong.”

In an interview on “CNN Newsroom” with Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday, Sanders said, “You have to admit the way [the Democrats] are doing things in terms of superdelegates and in terms of how delegates are put out there doesn’t make a lot of sense to the average person.” (RELATED: Superdelegate: ‘We’re Not Rigging The Process, We’re Part Of The Process’)

“We understood those are the rules. We’re playing by the rules. We’re not complaining about it,” Sanders said. (RELATED: ‘Morning Joe’: ‘Why Does The Democratic Party Even Have Voting Booths? This System Is So Rigged’ [VIDEO])

“So you are not saying, ‘Yes, it’s rigged,'” Baldwin asked.

“No. We’re saying it’s wrong,” Sanders replied.

“We’re saying it’s not a democratic way to carry out an election. Here in New York people had to decide last October who they were going to support in this race,” she continued. “Independents can’t participate at all. I thought we were trying to invigorate our democracy. We’re bringing a lot of new people into the party and it’s too bad they are shutting the door on them.”

:So there are so many things that are wrong in terms of how they are carrying out — you have seen so many voter irregularities. We just heard from the media on Monday that Denver had miscounted the results in ten precincts and that Bernie got two more delegates but they didn’t bother to tell us the week after the election. They found out. They called the clinton campaign. They didn’t bother the tell us. We heard from the media this week,” Sanders said.

“So I understand [Sen. Sanders] frustration. We’re used to being non-establishment,” Sanders said. “We’re used to not having them be really in our corner. So it’s not a surprise but it’s something that should change. One person, one vote.”

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