New Jersey Dems Push Marijuana For Menstrual Cramps

Guy Bentley | Research Associate, Reason Foundation

New Jersey could soon loosen its marijuana laws to allow women with menstrual cramps to ease their pain through cannabis use.

Menstrual cramps are the latest ailment medical marijuana advocates say can be assuaged with the cannabis.

Following hot on the heels of Whoopi Goldberg’s decision to start a cannabis company with entrepreneur Maya Elisabeth marketing products designed to relieve women’s pain from menstrual cramps, New Jersey’s Democratic Assembly members piled in with legislative proposals relax marijuana laws.

“Every month women experience pain and discomfort associated with their period. Cannabis is a wonderful remedy, and combined with other superfoods and medicinal herbs, can provide the type of relief many women need,” Elisabeth told Forbes.

“By denying women in New Jersey access to a means of treating dysmenorrhea, our state fails to acknowledge the serious impact it can have on their wellness and productivity,” said Assemblyman
Tim Eustace, the bill’s only male author. Eustace accompanied Assemblywomen L. Grace Spencer and Angelica Jimenez in introducing the bill April 8.

“For many women, the response to pain so severe that it causes them to vomit or faint is either, ‘Just deal with it,’ or a prescription drug that may not even alleviate their symptoms,” argued Taylor West, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

The bill has been dubbed the “marijuana menstruation law.” New Jersey has one the tightest regimes when it comes to medical marijuana.

Gov. Chris Christie has been a vocal opponent of medical and recreational marijuana and has been slow to implement the medical marijuana program that passed during the tenure of Gov. John Corzine.

New Jersey has, so far, approved 10 conditions where medical marijuana may be appropriate and authorized 6,527 patients to use medical marijuana. The conditions include multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.

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