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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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In today’s society, everything — everything — needs to be charged: your iPhone, your iPad, your FitBit, your Kindle, etc. Unfortunately, there are only so many outlets and so many charger blocks to go around.

In other words, it is time to get with the times and invest in a multi-port USB charger. Should you decide to do so, you will never have to worry about optimizing charge time for various devices ever again. Everything you own can work on restoring battery life at the same time, and you can then use your completely juiced gadget whenever you need to. Say goodbye to planning ahead.

The only question then becomes what multi-port charger to go for. Luckily, Photive — one of the best in the business — has two versions on sale now for 60 percent off on Amazon.

Depending on how many devices you own, you can choose the 25 Watt 5-port charger or the 60-Watt 6-port charger. The 60-Watt model is the better deal. Normally worth $70, you can now get it for only $24.95, only five more than it will cost you to get the 5-port charger, which is discounted from $50 to $19.95. The biggest draw is that all six USB ports are so-called “intelligent ports,” meaning they recognize what kind of device is plugged into it and charge accordingly. It is also not particularly large (one review notes that it is about the size of a deck of playing cards), and is therefore ideal for work, home or even travel.

The days of fighting with your family over who gets to charge their phone next is over. The future is here, and it just so happens to be on sale.

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Jack Kocsis