Al Sharpton Tells Megyn Kelly To ‘Calm Down’ After She Questions His Actions In Ferguson [VIDEO]

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Megyn Kelly and Al Sharpton got into a heated exchange over Sharpton’s response to the 2014 shooting death Michael Brown in Ferguson, where at one point Sharpton told Kelly to “calm down!”

During an interview Wednesday on Fox News’s “The Kelly File,” Kelly asked Sharpton to clarify his actions and words after the civil rights leader suggested Officer Darren Wilson did not shoot Brown out of self-defense. (RELATED: Carson Aide Drops A Truth Bomb On Al Sharpton’s Gathering)

Sharpton said, “If you and I had talked to the same witnesses and the DOJ [Department of Justice] talked to the same witnesses and they don’t believe them and you and I do, it doesn’t make us wrong–”

Kelly interjected, “But you don’t talk to all the witnesses. The DOJ does. They get people in there and it can be a crime to lie to an FBI agent. It’s not a crime to lie to Reverend Al.”

“Megyn, calm down,” Sharpton asserted.

“Now watch it with ‘calm down,'” Kelly retorted.

“Is somethin’ wrong with–,” Sharpton replied.

“Ask Bill O’Reilly about that. I had to lecture him on that one himself.” In 2012, O’Reilly and Kelly sparred over his tendency to tell guests to “calm down.”

After Kelly’s stern response, Sharpton claimed, “If I talked to witnesses and I believe them, the DOJ may talk to more witnesses, but then you can’t come and ask me to apologize for believing something that I was not privy to.”

“Okay, so you are just going back to the moment. I’m talking about after the fact,” Kelly replied. “When the DOJ comes back to you and says you are wrong, why don’t you apologize at that point?”

Sharpton replied, “Apologize for believing it?”

[dcquiz] “For what you said, for telling the world that there was no deadly threat when there was,” Kelly argued.

“But I said what I believed,” Sharpton responded.

“Did you correct the record?” Kelly asked.

“Did you go on your television program and report to the world what the DOJ had actually found?” Kelly asked.

Sputtering in his response, Sharpton said, “I reported what the DOJ said. That they didn’t know —I don’t know that I stated the line you want, but you didn’t see me out there, protesting afterward, did you?”

Then Sharpton grabbed Kelly’s microphone and asked again, “Did you?”

Laughing, Kelly replied, “I think that’s a good place to wrap.”


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