Clinton Insider Says He ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If Hillary’s Server Was Hacked

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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It’s entirely possible that Hillary Clinton’s private email server was hacked, according to Lanny Davis, a longtime Clinton insider.

“Well, I think the answer is there is no evidence that the server, so far, hasn’t [sic] been hacked but wouldn’t be surprised if it had been hacked. I think that’s what the campaign and what Mrs. Clinton has said,” Davis said during an interview with WMAL hosts Larry O’Connor and Brian Wilson.

Davis, who operates a lobbying firm and served as Bill Clinton’s White House counsel, appears in the Clinton emails. He occasionally corresponded with the then-secretary of state, who exclusively used a personal email account and private server to conduct work-related and personal business.

Clinton and her campaign have maintained that there is no evidence that her home-brew email server was hacked. The New York Times reported earlier this year that security logs taken from Clinton’s server — which she kept at her New York residence — show no evidence that the device was hacked. But cyber security experts have said that sophisticated hackers backed by foreign governments have the ability to mask their hacking activities.

WMAL’s O’Connor followed up with Davis to make sure he heard the Clinton ally’s claim correctly.

“Did I understand you right, did you say that you wouldn’t be surprised if her private email server had been hacked?” O’Connor asked.

“I wouldn’t be surprised because the federal government itself has been hacked, but as of now, no, it hasn’t been hacked,” Davis said.

Davis also rehashed an argument made by the Clinton campaign that had Clinton used a government email account she would have been prone to being hacked.

“We know that the State Department server has been hacked many times by the Russians, the Chinese and lots of other people,” he said.

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