Congressman Tim Tebow? Insiders Say He’s A ‘Shoo-In’ [VIDEO]

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According to reports, key Florida Republican strategists are eyeing Tim Tebow to replace retiring Rep. [crscore]Ander Crenshaw[/crscore].

According to the Washington Examiner, a key Republican strategist said, “We do not pick favorite [but] obviously a huge Florida football star would be an interesting candidate for our side of the aisle.”

Tebow lives in Crenshaw’s 4th Congressional District where his foundation is headquartered.

Last month, Tebow expressed interest in possibly running for political office in an interview with Fox News. Tebow said, “If there’s a chance you could make a difference someday with something, then that would be intriguing.” (RELATED: Tim Tebow Says He’d Be Open To Running For Political Office [VIDEO])

Ron Bonjean, a communications strategist told the Examiner, “Like his career with the Denver Broncos, the primary game is going be extremely competitive so Tebow may have to once again come from behind late in the 4th quarter in order to pull this off. If he were to become the Republican nominee, he would be a shoo-in because it is a safe Republican seat.”

Tebow would not be the first star football player to enter politics. Jack Kemp served nine terms in Congress and was Bob Dole’s running mate in 1996.

Red Alert Politics writes, “At age 28, [Tebow] would be the youngest member of Congress, yet he has arguably done more to help children than any current congressperson.”

Tebow’s “age is also a strength. His time to lead doesn’t need to wait until he is ‘old enough.’ Part of his appeal in Congress would be his ability to lead young Americans — a demographic often ignored in Washington.”


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