Hillary On Supreme Court Nominees: Some Laws Are More Settled Than Others [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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During the CNN Democratic Party debate Thursday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear what her litmus test for Supreme Court nominees will be — respect precedent in respect to abortion, overturn precedent on political speech.

Clinton, in discussing Supreme Court nominees, said she would appoint people “to the Supreme Court people who believe that Roe v Wade is settled law and Citizens United needs to be overturned.”

In spite of her opposition to the Citizens United decision, the Center for Public Integrity reported:

A Center for Public Integrity investigation reveals that despite Clinton’s statements about campaign finance reform, corporations, unions and dark money nonprofits have already poured millions of dollars into a network of Clinton-boosting political organizations. That’s on top of the tens of millions an elite club of Democratic megadonors, including billionaire financiers George Soros and Haim Saban, have contributed to pro-Hillary super PACs.