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A desk lamp is one of those products that everyone needs but no one gets around to actually buying — usually because the good ones always seem to be way overpriced.

Luckily, a good one is currently available for over half off. The normally $70 Anker Lumos LED Desk Lamp is currently on sale for only $33.99.

If you know anything about consumer electronics, you know that Anker is one of the best in the business, and this desk lamp fits their style.

The Lumos LED Desk Lamp also addresses the two biggest problems with desk lamps in general:

First off, the lights in many models are either too dim or too bright for what you need. To fix this, the Lumos provides four lighting modes — study, read, relax and bedtime — and it contains five dimming levels. Secondly, the lightbulbs in desk lamps usually do not last very long. Because it uses LEDs, you won’t have to change the lights in the Lumos for 20 years. That alone is an additional saver of both time and money.

In sum, the Lumos has everything you could ask for in a desk lamp, and it is currently going for its lowest price ever.

Anker Lumos LED Desk Lamp on sale for $33.99

This Anker desk lamp is over 50 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

This amazing lamp will change your desk for the better (Photo via Amazon)

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