Clinton Surrogate: The States Hillary Lost Don’t Represent America [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton surrogate and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine suggested that the primary states Hillary Clinton has lost do not represent America.

Appearing on CNN’s “Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield” on Monday, CNN liberal political commentator Sally Kohn said, “Look, you’ve got a frontrunner who’s lost the last eight out of nine primaries–”

Levine interjected, listing off some of Clinton’s victories saying, “Won Florida, won Ohio, gonna win New York, who’s won so many of the important states. By the way, these are the states that represent America today. That is the diversity of America today.”

Kohn added sarcastically, “Oh, I’m so sorry. The other states don’t represent America. What?”

Levine continued, “Think about something though, in some of these caucus states they don’t have the minorities. They’re not the new America. This is the new America.”

Bernie Sanders has a string of victories including Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, and Idaho.

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