Hillary Says She’s ‘Nervous’ Heading Into The New York Primary [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton said that she is “nervous” heading into the New York primary in an interview with Rita Cosby on 77 WABC Radio Monday.

Cosby asked Clinton what was going through her mind before the election and the candidate claimed, “Well I’m always nervous before any election because you do everything you can think to do, and you’ve got thousands and thousands of people working for you, as I do across the state.  But, it comes down, as it always does, to who will take the time to actually go and vote.”

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average in New York, Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 12.8 percent.

Sanders has overcome purported major deficits in public polling before in this election cycle, however. In Michigan, Sanders was down by as much as 25 points in some polls before votes were cast. However, Sanders went on to defeat Clinton 49.8 percent to 48.3 percent.

In an interview with NBC’s “Today” on Monday, Sanders cast doubt on the public polls suggesting, “Those are the public polls. The bottom line is, let’s look at the real poll tomorrow.”

Adding, “Generally speaking, polling has underestimated how we do in elections.”


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