Pro-Kasich Super PAC Robo Call Uses Trump Attacks Against Cruz In NY [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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New York residents received a robo-call Monday from a pro-John Kasich super PAC that sounded more like a Donald Trump attack ad against Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore].

“Hi, this is David calling from New Day for America. Ted Cruz can’t beat Hillary Clinton. Every poll in America says so, but Ted Cruz’s campaign is using every underhanded tactic he can think of. He’s lied about his opponent’s records. He’s using arcane rules and arcane maneuvering to stack the convention with delegates he never earned with a ballot. It’s not right,” the robo-call said.

The message continued, “Tomorrow, make your voice heard. Ted Cruz attacked New York and its values. He mocked the people of our state. We know better. We know it was those very New York values that inspired a nation after it was attacked by cowardly terrorists. Reject his dirty campaign and stand up for real New York values. Say no to Ted Cruz and vote for John Kasich.”

Although Trump is far ahead of both Kasich and Cruz, the Ohio governor and Texas senator are neck and neck state-wide and in most congressional New York districts.  New York will allocate and send 95 delegates to at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

New York voter go to the polls to vote in the GOP and Democratic primaries Tuesday. If Trump wins over 50 percent among Republicans in the state, he will be awarded 14 delegates.

Each CD awards all 3 of their delegates to any candidate who wins over 50 percent of the vote, otherwise the first place candidate over 20 percent is awarded 2 delegates and the second place candidate over 20 percent is awarded 1 delegate.

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