Sanders Attacks Trump For Being A Demagogue

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders released an advertisement Monday that attacks Donald Trump for being a demagogue.

The ad, titled “Love Trumps Hate,” features a voice-over from Sanders himself. He says Americans are facing problems and their angry is justified. “Then you have demagogues like Trump come along and he says, ‘I know what the cause of your problems is.’ Today it is Muslims. You all remember how many years ago we were younger and it was uppity women who are trying to take our jobs as men,” Sanders says in the advertisement.

The Vermont senator continues on to say, “that is what demagoguery is about, it is to obfuscate the real problems facing our society and find somebody you can blame and rally the American people.”

“The antidote is a very strong progressive agenda that says, ‘yes I know you are angry but Muslims are not your enemy.’ Who is your enemy? What does it mean that 58 percent of all new income in the America is going to the top one percent,” Sanders says in the advertisement.

While he attacks income inequality video of the Goldman Sachs headquarters and other New York high-rises are shown in the advertisement.