Establishment Republicans Pressure Operatives Not To Work For Trump

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Establishment Republican strategists are pressuring other operatives not to work for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Politico reports.

“In the world Fortune 100 companies, their careers would be severely curtailed,” veteran Republican operative Juleanna Glover told Politico.

Katie Packer, Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager, who now runs the anti-Trump super PAC “Our Principles,” agreed, telling Politico: “I know that I would never hire or want to work with somebody who tried to help Trump. It would be disqualifying.”

Should Trump win the White House, the fortunes of those who stuck with him could skyrocket, while detractors may fall by the wayside.

“People call me a Republican pollster, and they don’t realize that to this day there is still hostility for me because of Perot,” noted political pollster Frank Luntz.

Not everyone thinks that Trump campaign consultants or staffers should be cast out, though. One California-based Republican pollster told The Daily Caller Tuesday, “The world of political professionals is just too small to put people off the island because they take on one client.”

Another political consultant told TheDC that, “Today’s enemy can be tomorrow’s best friend.”

Pressure mounted against Targeted Victory, a right-leaning leading political online payment processing firm, for doing work for the Trump camp after federal campaign filings showed the Trump camp paid six figures for their services. However, the Cruz camp and Our Principles PAC also used Targeted Victory’s services, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported in February.

Targeted Victory spokesman Lenny Alcivar told The Tribune his firm does not “currently have a campaign strategy relationship with the Trump campaign.”

“Like Google, Facebook, Stripe or SilverPop, Targeted Victory provides products for email marketing, online fundraising and audience based advertising that multiple campaigns will leverage this cycle,” Alcivar said.

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