Clooney: I Always Have To Explain Trump To Foreigners!

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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George Clooney said Donald Trump is giving the United States a bad reputation.

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The 54-year-old actor is on the May cover of Esquire, and during his interview with the magazine, he said he’s constantly asked about the Republican front-runner during interviews overseas. (RELATED: Clooney: Trump Is A ‘Xenophobic Fascist’)

“Here’s the thing about Trump—I was just in Amsterdam, and I’m up onstage, and they go, ‘What’s going on with Trump?'” Clooney said. “And I said: ‘Look, we’re not going to do these things. We’re not going to deport Muslims. We’re not going to build a wall.'”

“But the problem is all these other countries hear these things, and all of a sudden you see in France that [Jean-Marie] Le Pen is going, ‘Bravo.’ You get all of these nutcases on the far-right fringe saying, ‘Well, if America thinks that…'” (RELATED: Clooney Is Hosting A Huge Fundraiser For Clinton)

(Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

“That is the real problem with Trump — his ideas bleed into the rest of the world. That he says, ‘I’m gonna find every terrorist, and I’m gonna find their family, and I’m gonna execute them.’ … I’m not gonna let him walk away from that. I’m gonna execute a family?! That’s a war crime of the highest level that no one would do. When you say that, that tells all the other people, Okay, well, if they’re saying that, then why don’t we?”

“But how am I to defend us when the only voice that’s coming out from across the sea is banning Muslims?”

“That’s the problem with what’s going on. It’s not that it’s gonna happen; it’s that we’re broadcasting this to the rest of the world.” (RELATED: Clooney Just Slammed Trump Without Even Mentioning His Name)