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HIGH DRAMA: Wesley Lowery Says He Was In ‘Actual, Real Danger’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Have the Kardashians been giving Wesley Lowery Facebook lessons?

In a post fit for Kendall, Khloe or the one who pretended to not have lip injections, WaPo’s Pulitzer Prize-winning race protest organizer gave readers an update this week on the status of the charges against him and HuffPost‘s Ryan J. Reilly for trespassing and interfering with police in Ferguson, Mo. in 2014.

“The charges still stand,” Lowery wrote in a dramatic Facebook post Tuesday.

“Since we were charged in August 2015 (for alleged crimes that allegedly occurred in August 2014), prosecutors have admitted that they don’t actually have legal jurisdiction to bring they [sic] charges they did, but have also said they plan to continue prosecution anyway. The judge, meanwhile, has refused to allow us to depose a single one of the officers involved in the arrest.”

Meanwhile, how about those recent warrants for their arrests?

Wesley says the court clerks office “mistakenly” (Wesley put these in scare quotes, so The Mirror will, too) issued the arrests warrants since they missed a court date. They did miss the court date, but their lawyers showed up.

The false arrest warrants made Wesley very afraid.

“The false warrants — which was [sic] active for weeks — created actual, real danger to both of us,” he wrote. “Had either of us been pulled over in Greater St. Louis we would have been carted off to jail on a warrant we didn’t know existed.”

Except…they did know the warrants existed. Wesley, Ryan put the whole damn thing on his Twitter feed, which I am sure you read every 60 seconds. And why would you hang out in Greater St. Louis knowing the warrants were out there? That’s just stupid.

Wesley noted their Hollywood-like appearances.

“If this is how the legal system treats two pretty boy reporters from DC with top light corporate legal teams, how is it treating the countless men and women (primarily black) over whom it wields jurisdiction each day?”

Don’t worry for Wesley. He’s confident in his case and the subsequent civil case he says is coming. What’s more, if he ends up in the jug, The Mirror will pay him weekly visits and read him poetry.

“To be clear, we will win,” he wrote. “We committed no crime, and will happily defeat them in criminal court (and then again in civil court).”

Wesley couldn’t write about himself without insulting media reporters, or as he puts it, “media reporters.”

“Prosecutors admit they don’t have jurisdiction to prosecute us,” he wrote on Twitter. “They’re prosecuting anyway. …If only there were some ‘media reporters’ obsessed with chronicling my every sneeze who could get to the bottom of these sham legal proceedings.”

Sure. Sneezes. Unwanted flatulence. Bragging at weekend media parties.

Whatever we can get our hands on.