Tupac In 1992 Interview: ‘Let’s Stop’ Saying ‘Bad Whitey, Bad Whitey.’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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MTV News released footage of a rare 1992 interview Tuesday in which rap legend Tupac Shakur talks about how a culture of greed — propagated by successful businessmen like Donald Trump — has exacerbated race relations in America.

“This world is such a ‘give me, give me, give me.’ Everybody back off,” stated Shakur. “Everybody is taught that from school … if you want to be successful — if you want to be like Trump — it’s give me, give me, give me, push, push, push, crush, crush, crush.”

“I feel that instead of us just saying, ‘slavery is bad. Slavery is bad. Bad whitey, bad whitey,’ let’s stop that,” he continued. “Everybody is smart enough to know that we’ve been slighted, and we want ours.”

Still, Shakur noted that “for us to be on our own two feet, we do need help… because we have been a good friend, if you want to make it a relationship type thing.”


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