Former RNC Chair Criticizes Breitbart For Being One Of The ‘Harshest Critics Of Conservatives’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former Republican National Committee Chair Haley Barbour criticized the website Breitbart for being one of the “biggest critics of Republicans” and one of the “harshest critics of conservatives.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday, the former Mississippi governor said, “One of the real phenomenon that’s happened in the last few years, the biggest critics of Republicans and conservatives has become the conservative media, has become Fox News, talk radio, Breitbart, bloggers and go down the list. They are the ones who are the harshest critics of conservatives.”

“To me, the great example: John Boehner in the last Congress in the Republican House sent more than 300 bills to the Senate,” Barbour claimed. “Harry Reid and the Democrat majority didn’t take any of them up. Who got the blame? Boehner. Conservatives said Boehner didn’t get the job done. Well, he couldn’t get the Senate to take up the House’s bills.”

Breitbart’s coverage in the last several years has opposed large-scale immigration, whereas Barbour has been a longtime advocate for more immigration.

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