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Transphobes Arrest PA Woman For Using The Bathroom Of Her Choice

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I’ve learned two very important lessons from American rock legend Bruce Springsteen: 1) “Young” and “run” are apparently acceptable rhymes, and 2) A human being should be able to use any bathroom xe wants to use. You see, Bruce knows that gender is a social construct. As is race. And if you disagree, I don’t need to listen to you because you’re probably a white man.

The LGBT community has never been more oppressed, and now our brave brothers and/or sisters have a new martyr. WHTM in Harrisburg, PA:

A Quarryville man was arrested and charged after a 10-year-old girl told her mother that she caught him watching her as she used the bathroom.

James Thomas Shoemaker, 19, faces one count of invasion of privacy in connection with the April 14 incident at the Sheetz in the 1100 block of Manheim Pike.

Employees at the store said Shoemaker had been in the bathroom for about an hour.

Now we’re criminalizing bathroom use. Is this really who we are as a society? Have we learned nothing from Ringo Starr?

Here’s a picture of the womyn these fascists have cruelly deadnamed and misgendered:


Transphobia is real, people.

I don’t blame the unnamed 10-year-old girl for this act of bigotry, though. She’s just doing what her ignorant parents and teachers have told her. She doesn’t know any better. She’s probably never even heard of Pearl Jam.

Bathrooms are the new battleground, and North Carolina is feeling the righteous wrath of forward-thinking people everywhere. I know that Pennsylvania will be next on the blocklist, because liberals are intellectually honest above all else.

#LoveWins #BoycottPA