What Donald Trump’s Like Behind Closed Doors, According To Ivanka

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Ivanka Trump said her father has an empathetic side that many people don’t see.

Ivanka Trump says Donald would be a great president

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During an interview with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on Thursday, the Republican front-runner’s daughter said the media doesn’t talk about the generous things her father does. (RELATED: Ivanka Trump Opens Up About Donald: ‘He’s A Formidable Negotiator’)

“I think he has tremendous empathy and that’s a side people don’t see,” she said. “My whole life I’ve watched as he’s ripped stories out of the newspapers  that he’s read about something that happened to somebody, or an adversity that someone is being faced when they’re put in a situation where they don’t have the power to effect change and were unfairly put there.”

“He’ll actually proactively reach out to that person and bring them into the office and help them,” she added. “And that’s not reported. That’s not seen but I’ve witnessed it my whole life.”

“He’s incredibly empathetic to what’s happening to other people.” (RELATED: Ivanka Trump Is Back On The Campaign Trail ONE WEEK After Giving Birth)