Cruz To Levin: Trump Won’t Go On Your Show Because You Won’t ‘Kiss His Behind’ [VIDEO]

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] told radio host Mark Levin that Donald Trump won’t go on his radio program because Levin won’t “kiss” Trump’s butt.

During Thursday’s “Mark Levin Show,” Levin asked Cruz to pass along an invitation to appear on his show “after a two or three months of absence.” (VIDEO: Mark Levin Endorses Ted Cruz)

Cruz said he “certainly would but I’m not going to hold my breath because the reason he’s afraid your show is the same reason he’s afraid to do a debate. It’s now been 43 days since the last debate. The Democrats have already had one debate, they’re planning another debate, what does it say that Hillary Clinton is more willing to debate, more willing to have her views challenged and to try to earn the support of the voters than Donald Trump.” (VIDEO: Levin Invites Trump And Cruz To Debate One-On-One)

“And that’s why he doesn’t want to come on your show because you won’t kiss his behind,” Cruz claimed. “You’ll actually ask difficult questions, and Donald doesn’t know how to answer them.”

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