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When you heard the sad news about Prince’s passing, you probably went to Spotify or YouTube or Apple Music to listen to his oeuvre. But you quickly realized out that Prince’s music is not available in any streaming platform.

How, then, is one expected to honor and grieve the passing of the Purple One?

The simple answer: Watch “Purple Rain.”

"Purple Rain" is the perfect encapsulation of the essence of Prince (Photo via Amazon)

“Purple Rain” is the perfect encapsulation of the essence of Prince (Photo via Amazon)

“Purple Rain” is Prince’s most iconic song, and the album is widely considered his best. But the album is no standalone. As the soundtrack to the 1984 film, it was meant to be listened to while watching The Kid try to make in in Minnesota.

“Purple Rain” is the last movie to ever win the Oscar for “Best Original Song Score.” No field of eligible movies since 1984 has been deemed of “sufficient quantity and quality to justify award competition.” Talk about dropping the mic.

While not autobiographical per se, “Purple Rain” is based off Prince’s own young experience with his family and with the music industry. What better way to pay homage than to consider the crucible that made Prince Rogers Nelson the man he would ultimately become?

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

“Purple Rain” – Rent $3.99/Buy $12.99

WATCH the trailer:

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