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Melissa Click’s Legacy Lives On At American University

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Yesterday, journalist and world-class troll* Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at DC’s American University. And, as tends to be the case when conservative speakers dare to set foot on a college campus in 2016, he was met by angry protesters.

Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner went to cover the protest, and her invasion of the students’ precious safe space did not go unchallenged.

According to Schow, this woman works in the university’s media relations department. And yet she can’t relate to the fact that everybody is media now. Are universities going to start calling the cops on everybody in a public area with an iPhone?

Here’s another angle on the encounter, where we can hear the woman babble about “safe spaces”:

And what happened when she tried to get some muscle over there?

How awful. A college campus is a place for the free exchange of ideas. How are students supposed to do that if people keep disagreeing with them and filming it?

(Hat tip: Alex Griswold)

Update: Schow writes in with a correction: “I was not covering the event for the Examiner. I was there with a freelance documentary crew collecting footage for an upcoming documentary called Thought Police.” Well, she found a perfect example of it!

*Which I say with all due respect. It’s an artform, and Milo has mastered it. He’s wrong about Trump, but hey, nobody’s perfect.