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Quote of the Day:

“It’s terrible to say this, but: please let someone else be dead.”

Josh Greenman, New York Daily News opinion editor.



Stop the grief porn

“You know that natural instinct you have when you’re about to link yourself to some famous person who died? RESIST IT.” — FNC’s Greg Gutfeld.

This reporter did not take Gutfeld’s advice

“Two Prince factoids: I grew up a mile away from Paisley Park and my MN-based mother (whose been a fan forever) is DEVASTATED.” — Massachusetts Politico Playbook author Lauren Dezenski.

Neither did this one…

“The only time I was in LA I saw Prince walking down the street.” — Rob Blackwell, Washington Bureau Chief, American Banker.


“A news anchor saying the wrong word is definitely the story you all should be tweeting about and focusing on today! Great work as always.” — Steve Krakauer, editor-in-chief, Autonomous Mag.

You can’t necessarily believe what people tell you

(Check out this story about a Baltimore Sun reporter who quoted a Donald Trump support allegedly named Jack Mehoff.)

Anthony Weiner PTSD: CNN’s Anderson Cooper… accidentally tweeted an artistic picture of someone’s penis.

Hillary Clinton gets a compliment about her personality 

“‘I just want to say you are very human. I don’t care what you say, you are VERY human’ – man says at a HRC event in Hartford.” — Kendall Breitman, reporter, Bloomberg Politics.

ThinkProgress‘ LGBT editor doesn’t give a shit about Prince’s death 

“My opinion on Prince dying is… meh, bummer, I guess. Plenty of other deaths today I’d probably be sadder about if I knew about them.” — Zack Ford, the Internet’s most sensitive man. This is what’s really on Ford’s mind: “I’m not sure why @DCCirculator trains tentative new drivers during the morning commute, but I do know how much longer my ride is as a result.”

When Bros cry…

“I’ve been so profoundly sad about what the death of Prince means for culture all day. I don’t know. I shouldn’t be. I just blog. But I’m sad.” — Brandon Wenerd, Bro Bible.

Editor sums up Prince’s worldview 

“Prince’s basic worldview is ‘God is good, but so is doggystyle.'” — Daniel Foster, NationalReviewOnline.

People who did care about Prince’s passing…

“I’m not going to believe it right now.” — Guy Raz, host, TED Radio Hour.

“I’m pretty sure TMZ didn’t mess up but there is….always that chance.” — Sarah Weinman, news editor, Publishers Lunch.

“Just getting off the radio and can’t even touch this Prince rumor right now. Can’t deal.” — MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“I legit love Prince. He is my favorite music artist. I can’t breathe. If this is true I’m so devastated.” — Danielle Belton, creator of the Black Snob blog, associate editor, The Root.

“Dear 2016: could you please stop being *such* a dumpster fire of a year? Thanks. Love, everyone.” — Marin Cogan, writer, New York Mag.

“I will be on @meetthepress today discussing Prince from a news and gauge fan perspective. I am still one of his biggest fans.” — April Ryan, American Urban Radio’s White House correspondent.

“Really don’t like lumping people in, but dang, when I think that of the loss of genius without Jackson, Houston, and Prince–it’s numbing.” — Ali Akbar, National Bloggers Club.

“Ain’t nuthin’ gonna get done for the rest of the day…..” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart.

On eating naked…

“Eating naked is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life.” — Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones engagement editor on London’s first nude restaurant.

Uh Oh. 

“I’m starting an ‘Instant Block’ list of words that will get you blocked instantly: clickbait, shill, sellout, UncleTom are a good start…” — WaPo‘s Capehart.

Roger Stone to Ted Cruz: I had nothing to do with Prince’s death

“Surprised that Lyin’ @TedCruz isn’t blaming me for the death of @Prince. Blames me for everything else. #Pathological @Liar.” — Roger Stone, Daily Caller Men’s Fashion Editor and Trump surrogate.

TV One’s Roland Martin cancels speech due to Prince’s death 

“We don’t need others to define our lost icons like @prince. We at @tvone MUST do it ourselves just like he lived: UNAPOLOGETICALLY. …To the Sacramento Urban League, my profound apologies. I am so sorry I had to cancel my keynote tonight due to the death of @Prince. …I’ve never cancelled a speech on the day of like today. But I’m the only @tvone anchor so I had to lead our @prince coverage. …I literally was supposed to be speaking right now in Sacramento to their Urban League. I promise I’ll do it in 2017. Lock it in!” — TV One’s Martin.