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Candidate fatigue — See the presidential hopefuls through a driving metaphor in a story for Vanity Fair by contributor T.A. Frank. In essence, the author is incredibly bored with all the candidates. Which seems a little odd in a  year when the candidates are anything but boring. The author says reporters are rotated so that fatigue doesn’t settle in and candidates get treated unfairly. The story centers on Hillary Clinton. But they all get clobbered. “Donald Trump used to be the most interesting driver, because he took strange turns and it kind of worked. He also crashed through fruit stands, and that was fascinating, at first. Then it seemed like he was driving through fruit stands for no reason other than that it pleased him.” Read the whole car crash here.


Kelly Ripa storms through the tabloids and more — When you boycott your own show, it’s bound to get interesting. Salon‘s Jack Mirkinson‘s take on the ordeal of Ripa’s co-host Michael Strahan leaving ABC’s “Live” without informing her is worth a read. High drama in the morning has a history. And who knew that Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos may not like each other behind the scenes? Mirkinson’s prediction: Ripa and Strahan will never co-host a show again despite the fact that he’s supposed to hang in there until September.

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ is perpetually amazingWashington Free Beacon‘s Sonny Bunch catalogs all the positive press coverage the singer is lapping up from her film that debuted over the weekend on HBO. See here.

More bad news for ex-Speaker Dennis Hastert — A victim files a $1.8 million lawsuit against the once esteemed House Speaker. Hastert came to the position after a parade of lawmakers who’d cheated on their wives were deemed unfit for the job. According to Politico‘s Josh Gerstein “James Doe” as he is called — may not have much of a case and Hastert may not have any money left to pay him. A little too much talk of “oral agreements.” But read here.