The Left Is Waging An Actual War On Women

Terry Schilling Contributor
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In 2012 the American left accused Republicans of waging a “war on women” for their attempts to block public funding of abortion and birth control pills. They claimed that Republicans wanted to harm women and ban “access” to birth control and even went so far as accusing Republicans of supporting legislation that would “redefine rape.” It was political theater and hyperbole at its worst.

Fast forward to 2016.

The American left, in their efforts to redefine the culture and further eliminate any opposition to the agenda of the LGBT lobby, has now embraced the dangerous position of making it a “right” for any individual to use the restroom of their choosing, based on the gender that they choose to identify with in that particular moment.

The LGBT lobby is doing their best to tear down the straw man argument that people who identify as transgender pose a threat to women and children. I generally agree with them that husbands and fathers shouldn’t be worried about transgender women assaulting their wives and daughters.

But that’s not the issue. The problem husbands and fathers should be worried about is sexual predators taking advantage of this newly minted “right” to give them more opportunities and access to their victims.

As it stands right now, there is absolutely no reason to pass any law making the use of any bathroom a right. None. If you’re a transgender woman using the women’s room, how in the world would someone be able to tell if your transgender when the toilet you use is in a closed and private stall? And the same goes for a transgender male.

It’s not transgender individuals that we should fear, but the evil sexual predators who have already taken advantage of this new “right,” and will absolutely continue to do so.

By making it a “right” for anyone to use any bathroom based on the dangerously subjective grounds of the gender they are claiming to identify as in that particular moment, the left is making it easier for predators to rape, molest, or otherwise violate our wives and daughters.

Sexual predators already have enough opportunities to harm women. Why on earth would we want to give sexual predators the free ability to lock themselves in a secluded room — with no cameras — with young girls? Why on earth would we give them a “right” to peep, take pictures, or otherwise violate women?

This is the real war on women.

The left, the Democratic Party, and yes, even some weak-kneed Republicans, are seeking to make it easier for deviant sexual predators to rape, molest, and otherwise violate women. It makes the 2012 fight about taxpayer funding of abortion and birth control look almost silly, doesn’t it?

But this is the war that Democrats have chosen is most important to them. They want to make it a right for sexual predators — not transgender people — to stalk their victims in women’s bathrooms. Disgusting.

If the Republican Party had an ounce of courage or political savvy, they would blow this issue out of the water. This is the actual war on women. This goes beyond the supposed redefinition of rape. This is putting our wives and daughters in the sick and twisted scope of the most deranged and dangerous people in America.

Will we fight back? Will we stand up on this issue and defend women against the relentless left?

Or will we wave the typical GOP white flag and concede this issue, too? If we do nothing, the inevitable blood of sexual assault victims will be on our hands.

Terry Schilling is the executive director at American Principles Project. Follow him on Twitter @pizzapolitico.