Amy Schumer Says It’s Sexist When Men Tell Her Not To Do ‘Dirty Stuff’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Amy Schumer told Vanity Fair that male club owners have told her not to do her sex comedy.

Schumer, who is best known for her raunchy comedy involving female body parts and sexual acts, told Vanity Fair for their May issue that it’s male club owners who want her to tone it down when asked if guys are resistant to her doing sexual jokes.

“Yeah. I had people tell me, club owners tell me, You don’t have to do the dirty stuff,” she said. And when asked if she thinks they would say the same thing to her if she was a man, she responded “of course not.”

“I would say, ‘Thank you so much’—and completely ignore it,” she said. “And resent that they said that to me. Because I’m like, I’m an artist—I’m figuring my shit out—and that could be harmful.”

“That’s not cool. I would never say that to somebody, something that strong,” Schumer added. “But I’ve been saying horrible things to make people laugh for my whole life, you know?”