84% Of Hollywood Campaign Donations Have Gone To Hillary

REUTERS/Mike Segar

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton has received more than eight times as much in campaign contributions from Hollywood than her Democratic competitor, Bernie Sanders, and nearly 20 times as much Tinseltown cash as the entire GOP field combined.

Reuters looked at campaign finance records through March 31 and found that out of the $9.97 million that Hollywood executives, actors and other employees have given to presidential campaigns and associated committees, $8.41 million has gone to Clinton’s campaign or to USA Priorities, the super PAC supporting her White House bid.

Sanders, whose progressive policies are seen as a closer match of Hollywood values than are Clinton’s, has received $1.04 million in Hollywood help.

Only $460,000 has been donated to the entire GOP field, which counted 17 candidates at its peak.

Clinton’s haul does not include two swanky fundraisers hosted earlier this month by actor George Clooney. Top tickets for one of those star-studded events fetched $353,400 with funds distributed between Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee and numerous state party committees.

According to Reuters’ analysis, Hollywood executives, who are liberal but pro-corporation, account for the majority of the campaign donations — $5.72 million in all. And Saban Entertainment, which is led by longtime Clinton pal Haim Saban, accounted for $3.51 million of the total.

Reuters reported that Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and director Steven Spielberg have given $1 million apiece to help Clinton’s effort. Both attended one of Clooney’s recent fundraisers, as did Saban.

Clinton’s strong support from Hollywood is pretty easy to explain.

Denizens of the liberal enclave would not be inclined to contribute to GOP candidates. And Sanders has disavowed super PACs, which can receive unlimited contributions. Instead, even the wealthiest of donors — such as Sanders-supporting actress Susan Sarandon — are limited to giving only $2,700 to his campaign.

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