Cruz-Fiorina ’16: Yeah, I Called It


Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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More than a month ago on this blog, I wrote that [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] “should still consider selecting a running mate now.”

“Cruz, I think, might especially benefit from selecting a female for this role,” I continued. “Carly Fiorina, who has already endorsed Cruz, could barnstorm the country attacking Hillary Clinton.” (She can also remind us of Donald Trump’s problems with women, I might now add.)

One week ago, in my Roll Call column about what lessons we could learn from the 1976 Republican National Convention, I continued: “Expect a Hail Mary. One idea might be for a candidate to broaden his appeal by selecting a running mate ahead of the convention. (I’ve argued that Cruz should do this.)”

Well, if the reporting is to be believed, it appears to be happening. And while I still think Cruz needs to try for this “game change,” it is not without risks. Frankly, I wish he had taken my advice a month ago. It might have made a difference—and would have looked less desperate than it does coming on the heels of big losses in states like New York and Pennsylvania.

Make no mistake, this is a gamble. There will be pushback. But sometimes you’ve got to take chances. I just taped a short podcast on this very topic with Chuck Warren, who was a senior advisor to the Carly For America SuperPAC. We talked about all of this. Listen here — or download the podcast on iTunes.